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Stump removal

27 April 18

Maintaining a property or preparing a site for development is an involved process that can include many challenges. Stump removal is particularly important because a single tree stump can render an entire area unusable until it has been dealt with appropriately. Remember: the stump itself may seem small, but there may be an extensive network of roots underground. As such, you will have to make sure that the way you remove the stump from your property is thorough and that the area is left clear of remnants that could hinder your project. If you need solutions for stump removal in Brisbane and Logan, make sure to choose one that you know will be comprehensive.

Options for Stump Removal in Brisbane and Logan

People who want stump removal in Logan or Brisbane have two options: they can hire machinery from a company that provides specific equipment and attempt to operate it themselves, or they can opt for a “wet-hire” solution where they hire a company to provide equipment and a trained operator to use it. Wet hire often makes for a better investment, because having an experienced operator to handle the controls can save time and reduce risk during the necessary work.

Thinking about taking an axe or some gardening tools from your garage and hacking away at that stump by yourself is probably not a very realistic plan. The reality is that tree stumps are exceedingly difficult to remove by hand, if not entirely impossible. They are without a doubt the strongest portion of a tree, and usually, require earthmoving equipment to dig them out of the ground thoroughly. When you choose to hire experienced professionals for your Brisbane-area stump removal, you can save yourself the time and effort that would otherwise be wasted by attempting to dislodge the stump yourself.

How to Find Professional Help

The following is a list of characteristics you should look for whenever you set out to hire a company for stump removal in the Brisbane area. Keep these criteria in mind, and use it to select a service that you can be confident will provide you with high-quality work:

  • Experienced: choose a business that has developed a strong reputation for professionalism over a period of years (or decades, if possible).
  • Well-equipped: different tasks require various equipment, so make sure the company you call has everything they could need: excavators, combos, augers, bobcats and more.
  • Friendly and professional: dealing with contractors is always smoother when they respect your space and treat you with dignity.

A-Team Earthmoving QLD can help. Our business was established in 1988 when we first started out as a single-operator company called Richardson Excavations. Today, our current iteration functions as a multi-service family-owned and operated business that provides service from Brisbane all the way to Sunshine Coast. Call us the next time you need help with stump removal in Brisbane or Logan. One of our courteous and informed professionals will be pleased to tell you more about our work.

Our Services

We supply machinery including excavators from 1.5 tonne to 13 tonne, combos, bobcats, track bobcats, mini dumpers, tip trucks 2 metre and 10 metres. We also have rockbreaker, auger and rockgrab attachments.

Our services include:

  • Swimming pool excavations
  • Swimming pool demolitions
  • Site clean ups
  • Slab preps
  • Drainage trenches
  • Footings
  • Post holes
  • Piers
  • General hire
  • Free Fill

About A-Team

We provide excavation services to many of Brisbane's leading pool builders as well as a wide variety of other clientele, both commercial and domestic. Many of these clients have been with us from the outset.

Take advantage of our experience and give us a call ! We welcome all new inquiries and have machinery to suit a variety of sites.

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