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19 June 19

What Is the Difference Between 'Wet Hire' and 'Dry Hire'? (And Where Can You Find Wet Hire Earthmoving Services in Gold Coast?)

If you have been looking for a place to rent earthmoving equipment in the Gold Coast area, then you have likely heard the terms 'wet hire' and 'dry hire.' But what is the difference between a 'wet hire' company and a 'dry hire' company, and which option is right for you?


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Wet Hire vs. Dry Hire

To answer these questions, let's look at the scenario as pertains specifically to earthmoving equipment. If you need to hire earthmovers in Gold Coast, then you likely need excavation equipment or site preparation equipment. Your requirements for equipment could include anything from excavators to bobcats, tandem trucks to mini dumpers.

If you find a company in Gold Coast that is offering the earthmovers you need on a 'dry hire' basis; then you are dealing a with a business that would simply rent you the equipment by itself. Your hire would include the equipment you need, but wouldn't include experienced personnel to operate the machinery. You would need to have professional members of your own team to use the equipment and then assign them to roles using that equipment.

On the other hand, if you are looking at a Gold Coast earthmoving business that offers your necessary machinery on a 'wet hire' basis, you are looking at a company that would provide you with the equipment and the personnel to operate them. This option would let you skip the process of training your team members to use the heavy-duty machinery, which would help free up time and keep your team more efficient. It would also mean that more members of your team would remain free and available to take on other aspects of the project at hand.

A-Team Earthmoving QLD: Wet Hire Earthmovers on the Gold Coast

At A-Team Earthmoving QLD, we fall into the latter category. If your team is in the midst of a construction or excavation project in the Gold Coast area, we can hire out the earthmovers you need for the job. All of our equipment hires are done on a 'wet hire' basis, which means that we provide both the machinery and the manpower.

As a result, many construction or excavation companies in Gold Coast tend to bring us on as subcontractors when they need help with site preparation, trenches and footings and other similar tasks. The depth of our fleet and the experience of our team helps these businesses expedite their projects and save time and money on dry hires or outright equipment purchases.

If your company is looking to hire earthmoving equipment in the Gold Coast area and believe that going the wet hire route will be more beneficial to you than the dry hire option, then give us a call at A-Team Earthmoving. We will tell you more about our fleet of machinery, discuss hire terms and start arranging the terms of a deal. You can reach us right now by dialling 07 3800 1893.