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Understanding the Difference Between Swimming Pool Removal and Swimming Pool Demolition in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

21 March 17

At A-Team Earthmoving QLD, we specialise in both swimming pool demolition and swimming pool removal in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Contrary to popular belief, these services are actually not the same thing. While swimming pool demolition and swimming pool removal are very similar terms—to the point that they are sometimes used interchangeably—the services that we provide differ slightly from one of these terms to the next.


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Swimming Pool Removal or Demolition: Which Service is Right for Your Pool in Gold Coast?

If there is a swimming pool on your residential property that you would like to get rid of, you will probably hire a pool removal company for the job. At A-Team Earthmoving, we are not expressly a pool removal company. While swimming pool removals and demolitions are a major part of what we do, we also assist with excavations, site preparations, rock breaking jobs and other types of projects around the Gold Coast area—often as a subcontractor.

Swimming pool removal companies in Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast will also often call on A-Team Earthmoving as a subcontractor. As such, it's a good idea for you to know the difference between 'pool removal' and 'pool demolition,' as the pool removal company you decide to hire may well ask which service you would prefer.

At A-Team Earthmoving, pool demolition can sometimes mean that we demolish just the upper half of the swimming pool. Once this step is completed, we bury the pool rubble under compacted fill material. A pool removal job, however, involves removing all of the existing concrete and pool structure and then filling in the hole suitably compacted soil.

Which of these services is best for you will depend mostly on your intended use for the land where your swimming pool is currently situated. If you plan to build in the area, a pool removal service is essential. You won't want rubble and potential cavities of space under your building, nor will design engineers allow this type of risk. On the other hand, if you are hiring a swimming pool removal company in Sunshine Coast to clear space for a garden, then a pool demolition will likely suffice.

A-Team Earthmoving: Making Swimming Pool Demolitions and Removals Easier for Brisbane Families

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make between a swimming pool demolition or a swimming pool removal. Either way, A-Team Earthmoving has the qualifications and experience to do the job up to your standards. Our company has been doing pool removals and demolitions on a weekly basis for years now. If you hire us for a swimming pool demolition, we will organise all of the necessary paperwork to ensure two things: First, we will make sure that our demolitions follow all relevant compliance standards. Secondly, we will double check to make sure that your swimming pool is removed from council plans.

Are you interested in learning more about A-Team Earthmoving or our swimming pool demolition and removal services in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane? Call us on 07 3800 1893.