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Use Brisbane Demolition Companies to Rid Yourself of that Old Swimming Pool and Reclaim your Backyard

21 March 17

It used to be that you enjoyed having a pool. Think back to years gone by when the kids were young and enjoyed splashing about, or during those summer evenings where you could unwind in the pool with a glass of wine after a long day at work. Those times were special, and it made the expense of running a swimming pool worthwhile. Now, however, the kids have grown up and moved away, and you barely use the pool at all, perhaps once a month or less. The rest of the time, it remains empty and unused, and when you factor in the electricity you use to run pumps and filters, and the cost of chemicals, it’s now just a constant drain on your resources. There are far better things you can do with that space and money.


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We supply excavators from 1.5 tonne to 13 tonne, combos, bobcats, track bobcats, mini dumpers, tip trucks 2 metre and 10 metres.
We also have rockbreaker, auger and rockgrab attachments.

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We provide excavation services to many of Brisbane's leading pool builders as well as a wide variety of other clientele, both commercial and domestic.

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A-Team Earthmoving QLD could hold the key to the solution you’re seeking. We have the ability to demolish your swimming pool (a process that involves destroying the top part, and then burying the rest under compacted soil), or remove it entirely. A complete removal involves removing all the components from your pool and then filling in the void. The latter method leaves the space available for anything you would like to put there, including a shed or other building if you so wish.

A-Team Earthmoving have the Equipment Necessary for Swimming Pool Demolition

Demolishing or removing a pool is no small task. It’s impossible to do by hand and requires heavy machinery to break up the concrete and move. Even the smallest pools require a considerable amount of earth and soil to fill up the void left behind, so even after the pool has gone, you’ll need earthmoving machinery. Gold Coast demolition companies such as A-Team Earthmoving have all the necessary machinery and equipment to make light work of pool demolition and removal. We have excavators ranging from 1.5 tonnes to 13 tonnes, along with trucks, bobcats and mini dumpers. The excavators can also be fitted out with a variety of attachments such as rock breakers and hydraulic rock grapples. In short, we have everything required.

When demolishing your pool, we use a rock breaker to do a job in a few hours; that would be impossible otherwise. Our Bobcats can then remove the waste material quickly, leaving the site clear of debris.

Choose the Demolition Team that has Years of Experience in Pool Removal and Demolition

As far as Brisbane demolition companies go, A-Team Earthmoving has a wealth of experience. As well as nearly 30 years in the trade, all our staff and operators have years of experience in excavation and pool demolition. We carry out multiple demolitions in the Brisbane area every week and have completed hundreds of jobs, all to complete client satisfaction. You can see pictures of some of our jobs on this site on our gallery page; we would encourage you to take a look so you can see us in action.

Don’t take a chance by hiring inadequate Sunshine Coast demolition companies, come to the earthmoving firm that has the necessary experience and know what they’re doing. You can call A-Team Earthmoving on 07 3800 1893, or use the contact form.