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Q Why use A Team for my pool demolition/ removal?

A Team has the experience of successfully completing hundreds of pool demolition/removals and has been an industry leader in swimming pool earthworks for almost 30 years. We are up front and always have your best interests in mind. We provide a written fixed price quotation which full details the demolition process. There are never any hidden extras! 

Q Should I completely remove the swimming pool shell?

If access to your swimming pool is generous we generally recommend complete removal, though in most demolition cases the pool shell remains. Correct demolition and compaction procedures in these cases are required to minimise the chance of any subsidence. 

With any demolition we take into consideration a wide range of factors such as access, intended use for the area post demolition e.g whether you intend building on the affected area and budget constraints. We are always able to offer alternatives and show the benefits and constraints of each.

Q Do I need council approval to demolish my pool?

This can be a confusing question if you've ever tried to get answers from council. Although it is a grey area which changes between each of the city councils, it is important to get the demolition council approved. There have been cases where, without an approval, banks would not settle loans on houses and local council could be looking to perform safety inspections on pools that are no longer there. Avoiding council approval can lead to unnecessary complications down the track.

The approvals process can be confusing and frustrating trying to tackle it on your own. We fully assist all our clients with the application and approvals process. We provide all the froms necessary and will assist in filling them out. We also provide all the proof of works and other information to the relevant departments. On completion of the works we provide a certificate that proves that the demolition works meets all relevant standards and also removes the pool from the council plan.

Q I want to build over the area after the pool is removed. Is this possible?

This is entirely possible. The area will need to be compacted to a high standard to support building foundations. In these instances the quality of the backfill material is particularly important. These factors are taken into consideration during the site inspection and quotation phase and will be discussed in detail.

Q  Why do I need compaction when the other company says they only need to tip the material in to the pool with a Bobcat and level it over with a spreader bar?

If the material is not compacted well, it will subside soon after the next rainfall. The fill becomes sodden and cannot be compacted, leaving the area a sinking soft surface. The only remedy will then be to re-excavate the sodden material and start again.

We implement a procedure during all our demolition works to ensure sufficient compaction. We are so confident in the result that we guarantee there will be no substantial subsidence, which if it does occur we will return and rectify the issue for free. We have this promise on all our demolition works and to date we have never been asked to perform rectification works.

Where does the pool backfill material come from?

Due to current Fire Ant regulations all soil type materials have restrictions on where they can be transported to or from. We are an ARMP fire ant approved company and most of our employees have completed training with the QLD Government on Fire Ants. We only use material from approved areas which are traceable and comply with the current restrictions.  The great majority of material comes from a pool excavations that are generally in the area.