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A Team Earthmoving are the specialists in pool excavation and pool demolition. Our company provides a one-stop solution, providing all equipment required combined with highly trained and experienced operators and drivers with a can-do attitude. Trust that your job will be completed, in good time, for the right price and with no headaches.

Pool Excavation

We pride ourselves on being the best swimming pool excavation company in Brisbane. Digging pools since 1988, we’ve seen it all. We regularly complete detailed, difficult, and tight access jobs for Brisbane’s premier pool builders. 

We are the one call company with all the gear, providing excavators, bobcats, trucks and on the limited access sites, specialised mini equipment, designed in house to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

All our operators meet high standards for competence and experience. We train all our staff in house before we send them out on their own. You won’t find a newbie here who’s never seen a pool dug before.

Our team brings a can-do attitude and works together, chipping in right until the end, getting the job done. No need to crack the whip. Sweeping, shovelling, and helping set out the site? No problem, we’re here to help.

Our equipment is all recent, well maintained with all the attachments we may require, including rock breakers. We don’t skimp on changing bucket teeth and run the largest possible buckets to make sure the job is completed as quickly as possible.

We understand our success is linked to yours and go out of our way protect your company reputation by maintaining our professionalism and high standards.

Feel free to give us a call for our rates or a full explanation of our capabilities.

Got a site with tricky or limited access? No problem, we’ll come out and provide a solution for you.

Give us a call and book a site appointment.

Pool Demolition or Removal

Our company has built a reputation for an exceptional customer experience and outcomes when it comes to demolishing or removing swimming pools. Having completed hundreds of pool demolitions in the Greater Brisbane region we have left a trail of happy customers and beautiful backyards.

Excavator about to start demolition of old pool


Half way thru demolition of old pool


Pool Demolition Completed


We provide a one-stop solution for the entire pool demolition or removal process, including the council application and certification of the work. We promise to complete your project on-time with a quality professional finish. There will be no bad aftertaste from your experience with us here at A Team. Our owner Mark personally guarantees and oversees every project.

At A Team our values require that we provide a beyond satisfied experience for all our customers. We won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied with the workmanship and job we have provided. 
You won’t hear any belly aching or have any unexpected surprises. One quote, and the price is fixed. We wear the cost of any failure in our quotations and always maintain a focus on finishing every job for total customer satisfaction.

Check out our FAQ tab or give us a call for any further information about pool demolition.

Other Services

A Team also provides many other services on request including:

  • General Hire
  • Pier Holes & Post Holes
  • Screw Piers
  • Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Construction
  • Site Clearing
  • Rock Breaking
  • Footing and Drainage